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Innovation company “Gaskol” – resident of “Skolkovo” – fund was established by research workers of laboratory of space projects Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Lomonosov Moscow State University in order to realize the project of creating high-precision star tracker for attitude of space satellites.

Nowadays requirements for attitude accuracy of space satellites rise. Accuracy of attitude of modern star trackers varies within the limits of 2 to 4 seconds of arc with update rate around 1-5 Hz. It happens to be insufficient to resolve modern tasks..

New generation star tracker AST-1 was designed at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Operating design documentation of AST-1 and its experimental sample were elaborated.
  The general features of star tracker AST-1:
High accuracy of attitude identification – 0.1 seconds of arc.
Sampling frequency – 10 Hz.
Full autonomy functioning.
Long functioning in conditions of radiation degradation of receiver radiation.
Increase of accuracy without increase of mass and overall characteristics is achieved through narrow field of view and complex algorithms of image editing. Because of this star tracker can work on more dim stars.

Features AST-1
Entrance pupil 100 mm
Focal length 500 mm
Field of view 1,4°×1,4°
(2 sq. deg.)
CCD geometry,
Pixel size
1024×1024 pixels,
(13 µm×13 µm)
Dimensions, mass Ø131×263 mm + 146×31×114 mm
1,52+0,48 kg
Power (w/o Peltier cooler) 12 W
Volume of Stellar Catalogue 250 000 stars up to 11,5m
Accuracy σx, σyz 0,1''/5'' (ω<0,1°/sec)
Sampling frequency 10 Hz
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